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Of the angry doctor

The character this blog is for is more or less retired. So why keep it up? Because I like pretty things. Other people like pretty things. And I hope that other people like the pretty things that I post.

Themes here include Victorian inspiration, books, food, anger, and perhaps the occasional (tagged) NSFW pic!

My personal blog can be found at 'andtheiramazingfriends'!

Thanks for checking me out!

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A flash of red in the corner of her eye caused the doctor to look up from her writing. She watched the retreating form of the captain, no doubt all smiles and charm and the slightest bit familiar, though from where she would never venture to guess.

With a scowl, she turned back to her journal, jotting down her latest thoughts hastily.

One of those elves, no doubt. With their companions, nice hair, and attractive poste NO.

I need to get out of this city. And burn all of those books I have been reading lately. Ew. Gross. I am better than that. I AM BETTER THAN THAT.

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